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For residents and individuals alike to serve as citizen diplomats, leading to the development of trusting, friendly relationships that continue to strengthen despite political and physical barriers.

What is a Citizen Diplomacy Tour?

A Citizen Diplomacy Tour is a unique travel experience that provides ordinary people the opportunity to do something extraordinary. Each year we travel to different regions around the world to volunteer on cooperative programs, experience the culture of different countries, and build global relationships that will last a lifetime. Your experience abroad will better your understanding of the world around you as well as enhance your appreciation for the richness and diversity of other cultures.

How Do I Get Started?

We offer six unique tours to locations around the world. Your first step toward the experience of a lifetime is selecting a tour from the ‘Destinations’ page. Once you have found the perfect destination, it’s time to start recruiting your team! Tour Leaders are individuals who recruit a group of 10 or more for their desired trip. Each person who recruits a group of 10 or more will be considered a Tour Leader, and YOUR TRIP FEES WILL BE WAIVED. Tour Leaders can be anyone! Contact us for more information.

What can I expect from my tour?


Citizen Diplomacy Tours can help fulfill your desire to travel the world. While on your tour, you will have the chance to experience the beauty of the world, visiting Poland, Russia, Haiti, or the Middle East, offering some of the world’s most breathtaking and historic locations.

Citizen Diplomacy

​The opportunity to participate in citizen diplomacy gives everyone the chance to make a difference around the world. On your tour, you will have the chance to meet government officials, community members, and your peers. Building people to people relationships helps to redefine perceptions, and break down cultural, language, and regional barriers.


Some of our tours consist of a unique volunteer experience in the designated country. Our Middle East tour groups volunteer on an environmental project with the world renowned EcoPeace Middle East, in which we work side by side with Israeli and Palestinian people, promoting cooperation and peacemaking through efforts to clean the Jordan River. Visiting another country while donating your hard work and time to a beneficial cause can generate great rewards that will last a lifetime. For many people, volunteering abroad marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment to eradicating injustices while broadening human rights interests through education, sustainability practices etc.

meet the  organizations

Sister City Program of Gainesville, Inc.

Sister City Program of Gainesville, Inc is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has nine sister city relationships, including Novorossiisk, Russia, Rzeszów, Poland, Jacmel, Haiti, Qalqilya, Palestine, and Kfar Saba, Israel. A sister city relationship is a broad-based, officially approved, long-term partnership between two communities, counties or states a longterm partnership in two countries. Sister city partnerships have the potential to carry out the widest possible diversity of activities of any international program, including every type of municipal, business, professional, educational and cultural exchange or project. Visit their website.

Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives

Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives is an organization that works to promote cooperation and relationship building around the world through citizen diplomacy. By bringing groups of individuals to different countries and regions, we have been able to successfully break down the barriers that stand between the people of different cultures. We believe that people-to-people relationships are the key to seeing cooperation and progress around the world. Visit their website for more information.

​EcoPeace Middle East

EcoPeace Middle East  is a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. Their primary objective is the promotion of cooperative efforts to protect the shared environmental heritage of the region. Citizen Diplomacy Tours offers the unique opportunity to volunteer on an environmental project with this world renowned humanitarian organization. Find out more by visiting their website.

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