Tour destinations

Citizen Diplomacy Tours offers unique, personal, and customized trips to each of the follow locations. Through our 30 years of city to city and people to people relationship building, we are able to offer tours to each of the Sister City Program of Gainesville, Inc.’s sister cities. We encourage you to join us in our effort to create a more connected world ‘one handshake at a time.’ Each of these cities has an incredible story to tell, and we invite you to participate in the life-long friendships we have made with the wonderful people in each and every one of these beautiful cities. With a balance of comfort and meaning, our tours provide authentic experiences for travelers to become locals. As you look through the vast range of regions, cultures, and experiences we have to offer, we hope that you become as excited as we are to take part in the movement for citizen diplomacy.

Rzeszow, Poland

Rzeszow is a charming city located in south eastern Poland with a historic old town, two magnificent synagogues, and several castles. This city has 60,000 college students attending their prestigious universities, it holds some of the best high school magnet programs in the world, and is known for its advances in cardiology. From Rzeszow, day trips to Krakow, Warsaw, and the Carpathian mountains can easily be arranged. Enjoy the charming squares and cobblestone boulevards as well as central European architecture and shopping. Our relationship with Rzeszow allows our tour groups to meet government officials, visit universities, schools, and hospitals, all while engaging in the community and culture of Poland.


Novorossiisk, Russia is located in the Abura-Dyurso region, which is the center of Russia’s most important wine growing area. Our experience and friendships in Novorossiisk date back to 1982. In our 33 years of relationship building in this city, we have seen friendships flourish, perceptions change, and lives improve for the better. On this tour, your group will have the opportunity to establish friendships with locals, learn about critical military events, meet with government officials, and tour the local wineries along the Dyurso river, which are known for their world renowned champagne. 

Environmental Volunteer Tour

The Summer Environmental Tour consists of an incredible volunteer experience with the world renowned EcoPeace Middle East, helping to promote sustainable, cooperative practices in cleaning and maintaining the Jordan River. You can help foster productive, peaceful practices between the Israeli and Palestinian water sharing ventures. This tour will also include citizen diplomacy exchange, a tour of the historical Middle East landmarks and cities, and a relaxing day spent at the Dead Sea. 

Religious Studies Tour 

The Religious studies tour typically takes place during the winter holiday season. This tour is the perfect opportunity to spend your holiday in the historic holy land locations of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Jordan Valley. This tour provides groups and individuals the opportunity to experience history, gain insight into different religions, and see the holidays in a new light. The Winter Religious Studies Tour is open to all faiths and backgrounds.

Octoberfest Tour 

Each September/October, the annual Oktoberfest is held in Taybeh, Palestine. Taybeh Brewery is a Palestinian brewery founded in 1994. This event is an incredible opportunity for groups to visit the Middle East and experience culture, friendship, celebration, and great beer. This tour provides the experience of a lifetime, including citizen diplomacy interactions, unique travel experiences, and Oktoberfest festivities. This tour includes a stay at the brand new Taybeh Golden Hotel in Palestine.


Jacmel is a beautiful beachside city in the heart of Haiti. On this tour, your group will have the opportunity to build relationships, participate in citizen diplomacy, see a culture completely different from their own, and learn about the lives of their new friends in this incredible location on a life-changing week abroad.