Why CDT?

Through Citizen Diplomacy Tours, our clients have the unique opportunity to alter people to people relationships on a global scale “one hand shake at a time.” Our sister city relationships provide a wide range of activities including municipal, business, professional, educational, and cultural exchanges. The Sister City Program of Gainesville has active relationships with the respective cities beginning with Novorosiisk in 1982. We work to support, assist, and bring positive change to individuals in our sister cities by constructing a sustainable relationships for many years to come! We promote tourism centered around local business, local government, community interactions, environmental and social sustainability. 

Relationship Building Activities

Long lasting friendships

Musical performances 
Arrival and departure ceremonies
Connecting university students

Exclusive Access

3 decades of creating powerful relationships around the world allows Citizen Diplomacy Tours the exclusive once in a lifetime ability to see a city through the eye’s of numerous locals. Our tours take clients behind closed doors to witness cultural exchange in governmental, educational, and neighborhood settings. Experience in depth cultural immersion and unsurpassed exploration!

Meet The People

CDT’s connections help initiate interactive meetings, tours, and social gatherings with individuals and groups from many facets within the city including, but not limited to:


-Government officials 

-Policy makers





-Religious leaders

Location Visits:



-Government Offices



-Religious Institutions

-Local Homes